NZMCA Camping Ground

Jim and Julie run the picturesque NZMCA Camping Ground at Marchwood Park.  Members of the NZMCA are invited to come and stay at this wonderful facility.

For an enquiry or to make a booking please get in touch with Jim and Julie via phone 021 0811 5240 or email


Marchwood Park Camping Guidelines

62 College Street

Motueka 7120

Owned and Administered by Motueka A&P Assoc Inc. 1935

  • The Park provides camping solely for current NZMCA members.
  • Camp fees to be paid in advance
  • Additional charges – Showers $1.00 for 7 minutes, Washing Machines and Dryers $2.00 per cycle.
  • The camp is not open for campers for the Wednesday leading up to the first full weekend in December until 9am the following Wednesday for the purpose of the Annual A&P show.
  • All vehicles must have:  Current Self Containment Certificate and Current Electrical WOF
  • Maximum length of stay is 50 days, 49 nights
  • No black water may be discharged in the camp.
  • Please keep you site clean and tidy whilst you are here.
  • Each vehicle drawing power must use it’s own powered site.
  • Each site is allowed 1x camper or caravan and 2 vehicles.
  • Trailers to be parked in designated area.
  • Please use only liquid soap in the washing machines, liquid soap available from Caretaker for $1.00 per measure.
  • Marchwood Park is pet friendly.  All dogs to be on a lead at all times and cats are to be fitted with collars and bells.
  • Speed limit inside the camp is walking pace, as per signage.
  • Please use recycle bins as provided.
  • Other rubbish such as mattresses, electrical appliances, timber and steel is the campers responsibility to dispose of.  Don’t dump this in camp rubbish bins.
  • For any feedback or concerns please contact the Caretaker or the A&P Committee.
  • Motueka A&P Association reserves the right to evict campers from Marchwood Park for non compliance of the above or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Campers use the park and facilities at their own risk.

Enjoy your stay !