Rules and Regulations

Equestrian Rule Book – R.A.S

Full Show Rule Book – R.A.S


All competitors must abide by the rules of the Royal Agricultural Society and its affiliated Societies, and the rules of the Motueka A&P Association.   RAS rules are available on the RAS web-site or via the above links.

Motueka A&P Association uses the Yellow-card system for inappropriate behaviour.

Health & Safety: The Association expects all persons on Marchwood Park to have a Duty of Care towards themselves, their property, all other persons, and those persons property. Failure to exhibit such Duty of Care may result in a Yellow Card, or removal from Marchwood Park.

Privacy Act: The Association holds records of names, addresses and payment records of all members & exhibitors, and will publish these (other than payment records) as required i.e. show results, media reports.

All entry forms must be signed, legible, with required certificates attached, entry fees calculated correctly, and subscription paid if a member. Entry forms will be returned for correction if not.

Late entries accepted only at Show Committee’s discretion and late-fees payable.

All entries must be in the name of the bona-fide owner, or lease-holder as recognised by the RAS or affiliated organisation. Proof of such a lease will be required to accompany the entry form.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any entry without explanation. Persons in arrears with regard to fees can expect to be so refused.

Where Registration is a requirement for a class, please state registration numbers and Society on the entry form. Proof of registration must be produced on show day if requested by steward, chief steward or judge. If it is subsequently found that the winner of a registered class is not registered with the appropriate society they will be required to forfeit the award.

The committee reserves the right to cancel, postpone, alter the time of, or change any class or event without explanation, and no refunds will be given.

No animals or goods of any description excepting those entered in the Catalogue will be allowed on the Grounds without the prior permission of the Show Committee.

Trade Exhibitors must apply in writing to the Show Convenor for required space before 18 November. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Show Committee.

All Exhibitors and Attendants are on the grounds at their own risk and compete at their own risk.

All animals on the show-grounds must comply with NZ law and Local body by-laws including TB control and documentation, and animal welfare laws.

Entry fees (or part thereof) will not be refunded except at the discretion of the Association. Submissions for such refunds must be made in writing, accompanied by the relevant Vet or Doctors certificate, within one week of the show. Refunds, when given, are rarely for more than 50% of the amount paid to the Association.

Substitution of any entry can only be made on production of a Veterinarians Certificate, and is at the discretion of the Show Manager.

Each Exhibitor must supervise and control their animals at all times and shall be liable for any hazards created or accidents, illness or damage caused by the action of themselves or their animals whilst on the show grounds. The Association reserves the right to order immediate removal from the show-grounds of any animal it considers unruly or unmanageable.

No prizes will be awarded unless, in the opinion of the Judges, the exhibit is of sufficient merit. NO second prize money will be paid unless there are three entries or more. No third prize money will be paid unless there are five entries or more. This will be enforced for the 2016 Show. Prize-money may be replaced with Vouchers or Goods, at the discretion of the committee.

Prize money will be paid out on Show Day. If not claimed within one month, prize-money will be forfeited.

Most Points prizes are awarded by the addition of points for place-getters in the relevant classes. Points are allocated as 3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. In the event of a draw, the exhibitor with the most 1st prizes will be deemed to have the most points. In the event of a further draw, the prize shall be shared.

Champion and Reserve Champions shall be selected in the following manner. First place-getters in all eligible classes will parade before the Judge for his/her selection of Champion. Second place-getters shall be on standby. Once the Champion is awarded, then the second-place getter to that Exhibit shall parade for Reserve Champion.

Supreme Champion shall be judged by the Judges of the contributing sections. Each Judge shall rank the exhibits presented without consultation with any other Judge. The Steward shall then collect the rankings, and allocate points as follows: 6 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, 3 for 4th, 2 for 5th and 1 for 6th . The Steward then advises the Judges of the winning exhibit only and the award given. In the case of a draw for Supreme, the other competitors shall be asked to stand to one side, and the Judges shall rank again the relevant drawn exhibits without consultation. If this again results in a draw, a senior Judge from another relevant section of the show shall be asked to Judge the drawn exhibits for Supreme.

YELLOW CARD – this show supports the RAS “Yellow Card” system. A Yellow Card will be issued in cases of offences in respect of abuse of animals or inappropriate behaviour as per the RAS Constitution and the RAS Rules & Regulations/Bylaws including the Equestrian Rulebook, the RAS affiliated show/event/registered measuring stand and their grounds and their duly appointed delegates may deliver to the personal responsible a Yellow Warning Card (either immediately or within 10 days of the show) which suspends any penalty until possible new offences. Full wording of the “Yellow Card” system is available to view on the RAS website:

All protests must be in writing and may be entered either before or after the judges have proceeded to their duties. Any person entering a protest must deposit $50.00 which will be refunded if the protest is upheld. If any protest be lodged before the Judges proceed to their duties, the onus of proof will rest with the Exhibitor. If any protest be lodged after the Judges proceed to their duties, the onus of proof will be with the person protesting. No protest will be received later than one hour after the prize tickets/ribbons have been attached. The Committee, consisting of the Chief Steward of the section, the President and Show Manager, shall decide all protests as soon as possible and there shall be no appeal from their decision, except to the RAS, using the process as outlined on the RAS website.

No fireworks, firearms, or whippy-string will be allowed in the show-grounds. Disobedience of this Rule will subject the offender to being removed from the grounds.

This Association will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle, nor loss or damage to any other property being exhibited or brought into the show grounds by any person.

All vehicles, machinery or other equipment may only be situated in the designated areas, or elsewhere if so directed by the Association Committee. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the offending item being removed from the show-grounds at the owner’s expense.

Exhibits entered in the show must remain in their designated area until 4pm Sunday 6 December unless otherwise directed by the Steward or Show Committee.

Temporary pens constructed of electric fence tape and electric fence standards are not permitted.

The use of tranquilisers, stimulants, or any drugs capable of affecting the performance of any animal is forbidden. The attention of exhibitors is particularly drawn to the conditions relating to the misuse of drugs, and the intention of the Committee to undertake testing for forbidden substances. Competitors are advised that tests for Forbidden Substance may be carried out during the show. Testing of all animals will be at the owner’s risk and will be carried out under FSJC procedures. Your signature on the entry form, and/or participation in competition, denotes acceptance of these conditions.

Dogs must be kept on leads at all times on Marchwood Park. Failure to do so may mean removal from the park.